Regatech Hp 17-AK050NF Laptop Battery 4 Cell


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  • Voltage 14.8V, Capacity 2000mAh
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 4-Cells
  • High Durability
  • No Memory Effect

 Battery For Hp 17-AK050NF
 Battery For Hp 17-AK050NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK051NF
 Battery For Hp 17-AK051NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK051NR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK052NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK053NF
 Battery For Hp 17-AK053NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK054NF
 Battery For Hp 17-AK054NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK055NF
 Battery For Hp 17-AK055NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK056NF
 Battery For Hp 17-AK056NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK056UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK057NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK057UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK058NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK059NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK059UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK060NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK060UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK061NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK061NR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK062NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK063UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK064NR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK064UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK066NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK066UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK067NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK067UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK068NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK068UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK069NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK069UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK070ND
 Battery For Hp 17-AK070NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK070UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK071ND
 Battery For Hp 17-AK071UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK072CL
 Battery For Hp 17-AK072NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK072UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK073NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK073UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK074NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK074UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK075NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK075UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK076UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK078NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK079UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK080NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK080UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK081UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK082NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK082UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK083UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK084NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK084UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK085UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK086UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK087NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK087UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK088NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK089NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK090NG
 Battery For Hp 17-AK091ND
 Battery For Hp 17-AK092CL
 Battery For Hp 17-AK092ND
 Battery For Hp 17-AK092UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK093UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK094CL
 Battery For Hp 17-AK094UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK095UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK096CL
 Battery For Hp 17-AK096UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK097UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK098UR
 Battery For Hp 17-AK099UR

Additional information


Compatible Brand

For Hp Compaq


New [Not Original]








4 Cells

Sales Package

1 Laptop Battery

Warranty Covered

Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Not Covered

Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels

Warranty Service Type

Replacement or Repair Carry in Warranty

Warranty Summary

6 Months Warranty on Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Type

Seller Warranty

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Important Note

- 10.95V and 11.1V are compatible, they are in common use.
- 14.6V and 14.8V are compatible, they are in common use.
- The 11.1V (10.95V) and 14.8V (14.6V) are the different voltages, they are not compatible.

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Regatech Hp 17-AK050NF Laptop Battery 4 Cell
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