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Laptop Keyboard Fits Below Laptop Models

HP 15-R005TX
HP 15-R006TU
HP 15-R006TX
HP 15-R007TU
HP 15-R007TX
HP 15-R008TU
HP 15-R008TX
HP 15-R009TU
HP 15-R010TU
HP 15-R011DX
HP 15-R011TU
HP 15-R011TX
HP 15-R012TU
HP 15-R012TX
HP 15-R013TU
HP 15-R013TX
HP 15-R014TU
HP 15-R014TX
HP 15-R015DX
HP 15-R015TU
HP 15-R015TX
HP 15-R016TX
HP 15-R017DX
HP 15-R018DX
HP 15-R018TU
HP 15-R018TX
HP 15-R019TU
HP 15-R019TX
HP 15-R020TU
HP 15-R020TX
HP 15-R021NR
HP 15-R021TU
HP 15-R022NR
HP 15-R022TU
HP 15-R022TX
HP 15-R023NR
HP 15-R023TX
HP 15-R024NR
HP 15-R024TX
HP 15-R025NR
HP 15-R025TX
HP 15-R026NR
HP 15-R026TX
HP 15-R027TU
HP 15-R027TX
HP 15-R028TU
HP 15-R029TU
HP 15-R029WM
HP 15-R030NR
HP 15-R030TU
HP 15-R030WM
HP 15-R031DS
HP 15-R031TU
HP 15-R032DS
HP 15-R032TU
HP 15-R032TX
HP 15-R033DS
HP 15-R033TU
HP 15-R033TX
HP 15-R034DS
HP 15-R034TU
HP 15-R034TX
HP 15-R035DS
HP 15-R035TU
HP 15-R035TX
HP 15-R036DS

HP 15-R036TU
HP 15-R036TX
HP 15-R037TX
HP 15-R039TU
HP 15-R040TX
HP 15-R041TX
HP 15-R042TU
HP 15-R042TX
HP 15-R043TU
HP 15-R044TU
HP 15-R044TX
HP 15-R045TU
HP 15-R045TX
HP 15-R046TU
HP 15-R047TU
HP 15-R050NR
HP 15-R052NR
HP 15-R053CL
HP 15-R056TU
HP 15-R057TU
HP 15-R058TU
HP 15-R059TU
HP 15-R060TU
HP 15-R062TU
HP 15-R063NR
HP 15-R063TU
HP 15-R064TU
HP 15-R065TU
HP 15-R067TU
HP 15-R068TU
HP 15-R069TU
HP 15-R071TU
HP 15-R072TU
HP 15-R077TU
HP 15-R078TU
HP 15-R081NR
HP 15-R082NR
HP 15-R083TU
HP 15-R086TU
HP 15-R101TU
HP 15-R102TU
HP 15-R103TU
HP 15-R104TU
HP 15-R105TU
HP 15-R106TU
HP 15-R107TU
HP 15-R108TU
HP 15-R109TU
HP 15-R110DX
HP 15-R112TU
HP 15-R112TX
HP 15-R113TX
HP 15-R119TU
HP 15-R131WM
HP 15-R132WM
HP 15-R134CL
HP 15-R136WM
HP 15-R137DS
HP 15-R137WM
HP 15-R138DS
HP 15-R139DS
HP 15-R141DS
HP 15-R142DS
HP 15-R143DS
HP 15-R150NR
HP 15-R154NR

HP 15-R181NR
HP 15-R2010TU
HP 15-R2011TU
HP 15-R207TX
HP 15-R208TU
HP 15-R208TX
HP 15-R209TU
HP 15-R209TX
HP 15-R210DX
HP 15-R210TX
HP 15-R211TX
HP 15-R212TU
HP 15-R212TX
HP 15-R213TU
HP 15-R213TX
HP 15-R214TU
HP 15-R214TX
HP 15-R215TU
HP 15-R216TU
HP 15-R216TX
HP 15-R217TU
HP 15-R217TX
HP 15-R218TU
HP 15-R218TX
HP 15-R219TU
HP 15-R220CY
HP 15-R220TU
HP 15-R221CY
HP 15-R221TU
HP 15-R221TX
HP 15-R222CY
HP 15-R222TU
HP 15-R222TX
HP 15-R223CY
HP 15-R223TX
HP 15-R224CY
HP 15-R225CY
HP 15-R226CY
HP 15-R227CY
HP 15-R227TU
HP 15-R228CY
HP 15-R228TU
HP 15-R229CY
HP 15-R230CY
HP 15-R230NR
HP 15-R231CY
HP 15-R231TX
HP 15-R232TU
HP 15-R234TX
HP 15-R236TX
HP 15-R238TX
HP 15-R239TX
HP 15-R246TU
HP 15-R247TU
HP 15-R253CL
HP 15-R260TU
HP 15-R261TU
HP 15-R263DX
HP 15-R263TU
HP 15-R264DX
HP 15-R285TU
HP 15-R286TU
HP 15T-R000
HP 15T-R100
HP 15Z-G000
HP 15Z-G100

SKU: RK-HP-15E-15N-LC-003 Category: Tags: ,
Weight 450 g
Dimensions 41 × 15 × 4 cm


Compatible Brand

For Hp Compaq


New [Not Original]




As Per Picture


Not Included


Not Included

Sales Package

1 Laptop Keyboard

Warranty Covered

Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Not Covered

Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels

Warranty Service Type

Replacement or Repair Carry in Warranty

Warranty Summary

3 Months Warranty on Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Type

Seller Warranty

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