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Regatech For Asus Vivobook 19V 2.37A Laptop Charger Power Adapter Cord 45W

Power Cord is included with Laptop Adapter
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Regatech Asus Vivobook 19V 2.37A Laptop Charger 45W Pin Size 4.0mm x 1.35mm. Power Cord Included

Compatible Laptop Adapter Models

Asus 0A001-00330100, AD890326, AD890526, AD890528, ADP-33AW, ADP-33AW A, ADP-33BW A, ADP-40MH, ADP-40PH AB, ADP-40TH A, EXA1206CH, EXA1206EH, EXA1206UH, Taichi 11.6-INCH, Taichi 21-DH51, Taichi 21-DH71, Taichi Q200E, Taichi Q200E-BHI3T45, Taichi S200E, Taichi S200L, Taichi S220, Taichi X201E, Taichi X202E, Taichi X202E-CT001H, Taichi X202E-CT006H, Taichi X202E-CT009H, Taichi X202E-CT025H, Taichi X202E-CT987G, Taichi X202E-DH31T, Vivobook F201E, Vivobook F201E-KX052H, Vivobook F201E-KX063H, Vivobook F201E-KX064H, Vivobook F201E-KX065DU, Vivobook F201E-KX065H, Vivobook F201E-KX066DU, Vivobook F201E-KX066H, Vivobook F201E-KX067DU, Vivobook F201E-KX067H, Vivobook F201E-KX068DU, Vivobook F201E-KX068H, Vivobook F202, Vivobook K200MA-DS01T, Vivobook K200MA-DS01T-RD, Vivobook K200MA-DS01T-WH, Vivobook Q200E, Vivobook Q200E-BHI3T45, Vivobook S200, Vivobook S200E, Vivobook S200E-0133K3217U, Vivobook S200E-0143KULV987, Vivobook S200E-CT006T, Vivobook S200E-CT008T, Vivobook S200E-CT009T, Vivobook S200E-CT157H, Vivobook S200E-CT158H, Vivobook S200E-CT162H, Vivobook S200E-CT178H, Vivobook S200E-CT179H, Vivobook S200E-CT182H, Vivobook S200E-CT185H, Vivobook S200E-CT186H, Vivobook S200E-CT190H, Vivobook S200E-CT206H, Vivobook S200E-CT216H, Vivobook S200E-CT217H, Vivobook S200E-RHI3T73, Vivobook S200L, Vivobook S220, Vivobook UX21A, Vivobook UX305FA-FB003H, Vivobook UX31A, Vivobook UX32A, Vivobook UX32VD, Vivobook X200, Vivobook X200CA, Vivobook X200CA-DH21T, Vivobook X200T, Vivobook X201, Vivobook X201E, Vivobook X201E-DH01, Vivobook X201E-KX003H, Vivobook X201E-KX006H, Vivobook X201E-KX009H, Vivobook X201E-KX022H, Vivobook X201E-KX040H, Vivobook X201E-KX042H, Vivobook X201E-KX096H, Vivobook X201E-KX097H, Vivobook X201E-KX098H, Vivobook X201E-KX099H, Vivobook X202, Vivobook X202E, Vivobook X202E-CT001H, Vivobook X202E-CT006H, Vivobook X202E-CT009H, Vivobook X202E-CT025H, Vivobook X202E-CT3217, Vivobook X202E-CT987, Vivobook X202E-CT987G, Vivobook X202E-DH31T, Vivobook X202E-DH31T-CA, Vivobook X202E-DH31T-CB, Vivobook X202E-DH31T-PK, Vivobook X202E-DH31T-SL, Vivobook X202E-DH51T, Vivobook X202E-UH31T, A540LA, A540LJ, A540SA, A540SC, A540UP, A540YA, A541NA, A541NC, A541SC, A541UA, A541UJ, A541UV, BX21A, BX303LA, BX303LAB, BX31A, BX31LA, BX32A, BX32LA, D540SA, D540YA, D541NA, D541NC, D541SC, Details, E402BA, F302LA, F302UA, F402BA, F405UA, F510UA, F540LA, F540LJ, F540SA, F540SC, F540UP, F540YA, F541NA, F541NC, F541SC, F541UA, F541UJ, F541UV, F542UA, F556UA, F556UF, K418UA, K510UA, K540LA, K540LJ, K540SC, K540UP, K541NA, K541UA, K541UJ, K541UV, K556UA, K556UF, L402BA, N543UA, N551JB, N551JM, P1400UA, P1501UA, P1510UA, P2330LA, P2330UA, P302LA, P302UA, P541NA, P541UA, P541UJ, P541UV, Q302LA, Q302LAB, Q302LD, Q302LJ, Q302UA, Q303UA, Q304UA, Q304UAK, Q304UAKP, Q324CA, Q324UA, Q324UAK, Q503UA, Q504UA, Q504UAK, Q534UA, R301LA, R301UA, R305LA, R414NC, R414SC, R414UA, R414UR, R414UV, R417BA, R418UA, R419UA, R457UA, R518UA, R520UA, R540LA, R540LJ, R540SA, R540SC, R540UP, R540YA, R541NA, R541NC, R541SC, R541UA, R541UJ, R541UV, R542BA, R542UA, R555JB, R555JM, R558UA, R558UF, RX303LA, RX303LAB, S405UA, S501UA, S510UA, T300LA, T304UA, TP300LA, TP300LAB, TP300LD, TP300LJ, TP300UA, TP301UA, TP501UA, TP501UAM, TX201LA, TX201LAF, U303LA, U303LAB, U305CA, U305FA, U305UA, U38N, UX21A, UX301LA, UX302LA, UX303LA, UX303LAB, UX305CA, UX305FA, UX305LA, UX305UA, UX306UA, UX310UA, UX310UAK, UX31A, UX31LA, UX32A, UX32LA, UX330CA, UX330CAK, UX330UA, UX330UAK, UX3400UA, UX3410UA, UX360CA, UX360CAK, UX360UA, UX360UAK, UX410UA, UX410UAK, UX430UA, UX560UA, UX560UAK, VM591UA, VM591UF, X302LA, X302UA, X402BA, X405UA, X441NC, X441SC, X441UA, X441UAK, X441UR, X441URK, X441UV, X441UVK, X442UA, X456UA, X510UA, X540LA, X540LJ, X540SA, 0A001-00232100 , 0A001-00237900 , 0A001-00238600 , 0A001-00693500 , 0A001-00693800 , 0A001-00237900 , 0A001-00238600, AD883J20010H-3LF, AD883J20010H-6LF, ADP-45BW BE, ADP-45BW BE A02, W15-045N2A CL:X

Laptop Charger Adapter Care Tips:

Keep the Charger Clean which helps long life
Keeping it in running shape – Use your laptop charger regularly, or try to use it as much as possible. Remember that it is an electronic product, and as with any electronic product, keeping it in usable condition requires that you run it from time to time and not let it gather rust.
Storage – Always store your chargers away from heat, dust and liquids. This alone should increase the likelihood of your replacement adapter that you have bought from RegaIT.com to last years.
Lightweight, compact and easy to carry wherever you go. The laptop adapter for will enable you to work on your laptop.
You could also use it as a secondary notebook adapter allowing you to run and charge your laptop at work or elsewhere without having the main AC adapter with you all the time

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Regatech Asus Vivobook 19V 2.37A Laptop Charger 45W Pin Size 4.0mm x 1.35mm. Power Cord Included

SKU: RA-ASUS237.O1 Category: Tag:
Weight 499 g
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 6 cm


Compatible Brand

For Asus


New [Not Original]

Connector Size

4.0mm x 1.35mm

Output DC Amps


Output DC Volts


Output DC Watts


Sales Package

1 Laptop Adapter Power Cord

Warranty Covered

Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Not Covered

Defects due to External Causes, Accidental, Physical Damage, Cut, Burnt, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels

Warranty Service Type

Replacement or Repair Carry in Warranty

Warranty Summary

6 Months Warranty on Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Type

Seller Warranty

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We offer the Lowest Laptop Charger Price in India.
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    Good product and good service.

    Sukhman Preet

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