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Hp Pavilion G7-2300 Laptop DC Power Jack


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Laptop Dc Power Jack Suitable For Laptop Models Hp Pavilion G7-2300 G7-2300er G7-2300ev G7-2300sd G7-2300sf G7-2300sm G7-2300so G7-2300sq G7-2300sw G7-2301ez G7-2301sa G7-2301sg G7-2301si G7-2302es G7-2302ev G7-2302sa G7-2302sd G7-2302sf G7-2302sg G7-2302so G7-2302sx G7-2303eg G7-2303sg G7-2303so G7-2304ed G7-2304sf G7-2304sg G7-2304ss G7-2305sb G7-2305sd G7-2305sg G7-2306ef G7-2306sg G7-2307sf G7-2307so G7-2309ss G7-2310eb G7-2310ed G7-2310er G7-2310sf G7-2310sw G7-2311er G7-2311nr G7-2311sb G7-2311sr G7-2311ss G7-2312nr G7-2312sf G7-2313er G7-2313nr G7-2313sr G7-2314er G7-2314nr G7-2315nr G7-2315sf G7-2315sg G7-2316er G7-2316ez G7-2316nr G7-2317cl G7-2317nr G7-2317sf G7-2318nr G7-2318sz G7-2320dx G7-2320ew G7-2320sw G7-2321sb G7-2322sz G7-2323dx G7-2325dx G7-2325ew G7-2325ez G7-2325sb G7-2326er G7-2326sr G7-2327sr G7-2328sr G7-2329sr G7-2330er G7-2330sf G7-2330sg G7-2330sr G7-2330ss G7-2332sf G7-2333sf G7-2334sf G7-2335sb G7-2335sf G7-2335sg G7-2336sf G7-2340dx G7-2340sf G7-2341dx G7-2341sf G7-2342ef G7-2342sf G7-2344ef G7-2344sf G7-2345ef G7-2345sf G7-2345sg G7-2346sf G7-2347sf G7-2347sz G7-2348ef G7-2348sf G7-2349sf G7-2350eb G7-2350eo G7-2350er G7-2350sc G7-2350sg G7-2350sm G7-2350so G7-2351er G7-2351ev G7-2351sc G7-2351sf G7-2351sg G7-2351so G7-2352er G7-2352m G7-2352sg G7-2352so G7-2353eb G7-2353eo G7-2353sf G7-2353so G7-2354so G7-2355sf G7-2355so G7-2356eo G7-2356sf G7-2356so G7-2357eb G7-2357eo G7-2357sb G7-2358eo G7-2360er G7-2360sf G7-2360sr G7-2361eb G7-2361er G7-2361nr G7-2361sb G7-2361sf G7-2362er G7-2362sr G7-2363er G7-2364eb G7-2364er G7-2365er G7-2365sr G7-2366eb G7-2366er G7-2367er G7-2368er G7-2370eb G7-2370sb G7-2370sg G7-2372nr G7-2372sd G7-2373ca G7-2373sd G7-2374nr G7-2376nr G7-2376sr G7-2377er G7-2377sr G7-2378nr G7-2379sr G7-2380eb G7-2381eb G7-2381eg G7-2381sb G7-2383eg G7-2387eg G7-2390eg G7-2392ed G7-2392sb G7-2396eg G7-2396sg G7g7tg7z G7t-1000 G7t-1000cto G7t-1100 G7t-1100cto G7t-1200 G7t-1200cto G7t-1300cto G7z-2100 G7z-2100cto G7z-2200 G7z-2200cto

Additional information


Compatible Brand

Hp Compaq

Compatible Devices

Laptops, Notebooks

In Box

1 Laptop DC Jack


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Warranty Summary

Testing Warranty Only Valid for 2 Days from the Date of Delivery

Warranty Service Type

For replacement or repair under warranty, the customer is required to send the product to our service center. Once the process is complete, the replaced product will be sent back to the customer. Please note that the customer is responsible for the return shipping costs from their location to our service center (One Side).

Warranty Covered

Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Not Covered

Accidental, Burnt, Cut, Defects due to External Causes, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels, Physical Damage

Warranty Type

Seller Warranty


All Pictures Shown Are For Illustration Purpose Only. Actual Product May Vary Due To Product Availability, Stock or Enhancement.

Special Instructions

Compare with your old Product or Part number to avoid Wrong purchase policy applicable

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