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Hp Pavilion 15-AB Laptop Charger 19.5V 2.31A 45W Adapter 4.5 x 3.0mm


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Suitable Compatible Laptop Adapter – 19.5V 2.31A 45W – Blue Pin Tip Size 4..5mm x 3.0mm with Power Cord For Hp Pavilion 15-AB, 15-AB000, 15-AB001AU, 15-AB001NA, 15-AB001NH, 15-AB001NIA, 15-AB001NJ, 15-AB001NK, 15-AB001NP, 15-AB001NV, 15-AB001TU, 15-AB001TX, 15-AB002AU, 15-AB002NF, 15-AB002NH, 15-AB002NIA, 15-AB002NJ, 15-AB002NK, 15-AB002NP, 15-AB002NQ, 15-AB002NS, 15-AB002TU, 15-AB002TX, 15-AB003NH, 15-AB003NIA, 15-AB003NJ, 15-AB003TU, 15-AB003TX, 15-AB003UR, 15-AB004LA, 15-AB004NA, 15-AB004NC, 15-AB004NH, 15-AB004NJ, 15-AB004NK, 15-AB004TU, 15-AB004TX, 15-AB004UR, 15-AB005NF, 15-AB005NK, 15-AB005TX, 15-AB005UR, 15-AB006NJ, 15-AB006NQ, 15-AB006TX, 15-AB006UR, 15-AB007AX, 15-AB007NA, 15-AB007NJ, 15-AB007TU, 15-AB007TX, 15-AB007UR, 15-AB008AU, 15-AB008AX, 15-AB008NA, 15-AB008NQ, 15-AB008TU, 15-AB008TX, 15-AB008UR, 15-AB009AU, 15-AB009NJ, 15-AB009NM, 15-AB009NQ, 15-AB009NX, 15-AB009TU, 15-AB009TX, 15-AB009UR, 15-AB010AU, 15-AB010AX, 15-AB010LA, 15-AB010NA, 15-AB010ND, 15-AB010NJ, 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15-AB502TX, 15-AB503TX, 15-AB504NA, 15-AB504TX, 15-AB505TX, 15-AB506NA, 15-AB506TX, 15-AB507TX, 15-AB508TX, 15-AB510NZ, 15-AB511NA, 15-AB511NZ, 15-AB513NA, 15-AB516NA, 15-AB516TX, 15-AB517TX, 15-AB518NA, 15-AB518TX, 15-AB519TX, 15-AB520TX, 15-AB521TX, 15-AB522TX, 15-AB523TX, 15-AB524TX, 15-AB525TX, 15-AB526TX, 15-AB527TX, 15-AB528TX, 15-AB529TX, 15-AB530TX, 15-AB531TX, 15-AB532TX, 15-AB533TX, 15-AB534TX, 15-AB535NA, 15-AB535TX, 15-AB536NA, 15-AB536NZ, 15-AB536TX, 15-AB537TX, 15-AB538TX, 15-AB539TX, 15-AB540TX, 15-AB541TX, 15-AB543TX, 15-AB544TX, 15-AB545TX, 15-AB546TX, 15-AB547TX, 15-AB548TX, 15-AB549TX, 15-AB550NZ, 15-AB550TX, 15-AB551NA, 15-AB551TX, 15-AB552TX, 15-AB553TX, 15-AB554TX, 15-AB555TX, 15-AB556NZ, 15-AB556TX, 15-AB558TX, 15-AB559TX, 15-AB560NZ, 15-AB562NZ, 15-AB562TX, 15-AB563TX, 15-AB564NZ, 15-AB564TX, 15-AB565TX, 15-AB566TX, 15-AB567TX, 15-AB568TX, 15-AB569TX, 15-AB570NZ, 15-AB570TX, 15-AB571TX, 15-AB572TX, 15-AB573TX, 15-AB574TX, 15-AB575TX, 15-AB576TX, 15-AB577NZ, 15-AB577TX, 15-AB578TX, 15-AB579TX, 15-AB581TX, 15-AB582NZ, 15-AB582TX, 15-AB583TX, 15-AB584TX, 15-AB585TX, 15-AB595NZ, 15T-AB, 15T-AB100, 15T-AB200, 15Z-AB, 15Z-AB000, 15Z-AB100

Additional information


Compatible Brand

Hp Compaq



Connector Size

4.5mm x 3.0mm

Output DC Volts


Output DC Amps


Output DC Watts


Sales Package

1 x Laptop Adapter With Power Cord

Warranty Covered

Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Not Covered

Accidental, Burnt, Cut, Defects due to External Causes, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels, Physical Damage

Warranty Service Type

For replacement or repair under warranty, the customer is required to send the product to our service center. Once the process is complete, the replaced product will be sent back to the customer. Please note that the customer is responsible for the return shipping costs from their location to our service center (One Side).

Warranty Summary

6 Months Warranty on Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Type

Seller Warranty

Product Type

Generic Compatible [Not Original]

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