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Asus K53SD Laptop Keyboard Replacement


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Laptop Keyboard Compatible with Laptop Models K53sd K53sd-Ds51 K53sd-Ds71 K53sd-Qs51 K53sd-Qs71 K53sd-Sx039v K53sd-Sx045 K53sd-Sx051 K53sd-Sx052 K53sd-Sx055r K53sd-Sx067 K53sd-Sx067v K53sd-Sx067x K53sd-Sx068d K53sd-Sx071d K53sd-Sx076 K53sd-Sx081d K53sd-Sx083d K53sd-Sx084d K53sd-Sx085d K53sd-Sx087d K53sd-Sx091v K53sd-Sx101v K53sd-Sx1027v K53sd-Sx1031 K53sd-Sx103d K53sd-Sx103v K53sd-Sx1064v K53sd-Sx1070v K53sd-Sx1085v K53sd-Sx1089d K53sd-Sx108d K53sd-Sx108v K53sd-Sx110d K53sd-Sx1114d K53sd-Sx111d K53sd-Sx112 K53sd-Sx1121d K53sd-Sx1122v K53sd-Sx1175r K53sd-Sx119d K53sd-Sx120v K53sd-Sx1220x K53sd-Sx1239d K53sd-Sx1240d K53sd-Sx1241d K53sd-Sx1243d K53sd-Sx1244d K53sd-Sx1245d K53sd-Sx1249d K53sd-Sx1255 K53sd-Sx1255d K53sd-Sx1255v K53sd-Sx1257d K53sd-Sx1257dm K53sd-Sx1261 K53sd-Sx1261d K53sd-Sx1261r K53sd-Sx1261v K53sd-Sx1268v K53sd-Sx127 K53sd-Sx1273v K53sd-Sx1278v K53sd-Sx1279v K53sd-Sx127v K53sd-Sx1282du K53sd-Sx128d K53sd-Sx128v K53sd-Sx132 K53sd-Sx132v K53sd-Sx1355v K53sd-Sx1356r K53sd-Sx1357r K53sd-Sx1358 K53sd-Sx137 K53sd-Sx1372d K53sd-Sx138 K53sd-Sx138d K53sd-Sx138v K53sd-Sx139 K53sd-Sx1390d K53sd-Sx139d K53sd-Sx139r K53sd-Sx139v K53sd-Sx1402v K53sd-Sx1405d K53sd-Sx1406d K53sd-Sx141 K53sd-Sx141d K53sd-Sx141i K53sd-Sx141r K53sd-Sx141v K53sd-Sx141x K53sd-Sx142r K53sd-Sx143d K53sd-Sx143v K53sd-Sx144 K53sd-Sx146 K53sd-Sx146d K53sd-Sx146v K53sd-Sx147 K53sd-Sx147v K53sd-Sx149r K53sd-Sx156 K53sd-Sx156v K53sd-Sx157 K53sd-Sx157v K53sd-Sx158 K53sd-Sx158d K53sd-Sx159 K53sd-Sx163 K53sd-Sx163r K53sd-Sx163v K53sd-Sx164d K53sd-Sx165d K53sd-Sx165r K53sd-Sx168d K53sd-Sx169d K53sd-Sx170r K53sd-Sx170v K53sd-Sx178v K53sd-Sx182v K53sd-Sx186v K53sd-Sx192v K53sd-Sx196 K53sd-Sx196v K53sd-Sx197v K53sd-Sx211v K53sd-Sx216 K53sd-Sx226d K53sd-Sx226v K53sd-Sx226x K53sd-Sx227 K53sd-Sx227v K53sd-Sx227x K53sd-Sx234d K53sd-Sx237d K53sd-Sx237v K53sd-Sx239d K53sd-Sx239v K53sd-Sx240v K53sd-Sx241d K53sd-Sx241v K53sd-Sx246 K53sd-Sx248d K53sd-Sx256 K53sd-Sx256v K53sd-Sx257v K53sd-Sx258v K53sd-Sx259v K53sd-Sx260v K53sd-Sx262 K53sd-Sx262v K53sd-Sx269 K53sd-Sx269d K53sd-Sx269v K53sd-Sx270 K53sd-Sx271 K53sd-Sx280 K53sd-Sx280d K53sd-Sx280v K53sd-Sx285r K53sd-Sx286 K53sd-Sx286r K53sd-Sx286v K53sd-Sx296d K53sd-Sx296v K53sd-Sx300d K53sd-Sx301 K53sd-Sx303 K53sd-Sx304 K53sd-Sx306 K53sd-Sx310d K53sd-Sx311d K53sd-Sx315 K53sd-Sx315d K53sd-Sx319d K53sd-Sx321d K53sd-Sx322d K53sd-Sx323d K53sd-Sx324d K53sd-Sx324v K53sd-Sx325d K53sd-Sx325v K53sd-Sx326d K53sd-Sx326v K53sd-Sx327v K53sd-Sx330 K53sd-Sx331 K53sd-Sx333 K53sd-Sx336v K53sd-Sx338v K53sd-Sx344v K53sd-Sx376v K53sd-Sx381v K53sd-Sx384 K53sd-Sx385d K53sd-Sx386d K53sd-Sx386r K53sd-Sx398d K53sd-Sx402v K53sd-Sx410d K53sd-Sx420d K53sd-Sx420v K53sd-Sx443v K53sd-Sx471d K53sd-Sx471dm K53sd-Sx483 K53sd-Sx483d K53sd-Sx484d K53sd-Sx485d K53sd-Sx493r K53sd-Sx504 K53sd-Sx504v K53sd-Sx513 K53sd-Sx515 K53sd-Sx516 K53sd-Sx521d K53sd-Sx521v K53sd-Sx522 K53sd-Sx522r K53sd-Sx551 K53sd-Sx551v K53sd-Sx552d K53sd-Sx555v K53sd-Sx557v K53sd-Sx559d K53sd-Sx559v K53sd-Sx577 K53sd-Sx578d K53sd-Sx579 K53sd-Sx579r K53sd-Sx581v K53sd-Sx582 K53sd-Sx582r K53sd-Sx583r K53sd-Sx583v K53sd-Sx586 K53sd-Sx586r K53sd-Sx587v K53sd-Sx596v K53sd-Sx597v K53sd-Sx602v K53sd-Sx603v K53sd-Sx608d K53sd-Sx611v K53sd-Sx612 K53sd-Sx614 K53sd-Sx623d K53sd-Sx627v K53sd-Sx629v K53sd-Sx651v K53sd-Sx652v K53sd-Sx653v K53sd-Sx655v K53sd-Sx656 K53sd-Sx659d K53sd-Sx669d K53sd-Sx688d K53sd-Sx690d K53sd-Sx693v K53sd-Sx697d K53sd-Sx704 K53sd-Sx705 K53sd-Sx706v K53sd-Sx710v K53sd-Sx710vf K53sd-Sx720v K53sd-Sx732d K53sd-Sx735 K53sd-Sx755d K53sd-Sx760v K53sd-Sx767 K53sd-Sx770d K53sd-Sx771v K53sd-Sx789v K53sd-Sx794d K53sd-Sx795d K53sd-Sx799d K53sd-Sx800 K53sd-Sx800d K53sd-Sx801d K53sd-Sx805d K53sd-Sx806 K53sd-Sx806d K53sd-Sx806v K53sd-Sx807 K53sd-Sx807d K53sd-Sx807v K53sd-Sx808d K53sd-Sx809 K53sd-Sx809d K53sd-Sx814d K53sd-Sx820d K53sd-Sx821v K53sd-Sx829 K53sd-Sx832v K53sd-Sx847d K53sd-Sx848 K53sd-Sx848d K53sd-Sx849 K53sd-Sx849d K53sd-Sx850 K53sd-Sx850r K53sd-Sx850v K53sd-Sx851 K53sd-Sx854d K53sd-Sx854v K53sd-Sx855 K53sd-Sx855v K53sd-Sx856d K53sd-Sx856v K53sd-Sx857d K53sd-Sx858v K53sd-Sx864d K53sd-Sx864r K53sd-Sx865d K53sd-Sx868d K53sd-Sx879d K53sd-Sx879r K53sd-Sx895x K53sd-Sx907v K53sd-Sx909v K53sd-Sx930r K53sd-Sx932d K53sd-Sx936v K53sd-Sx940v K53sd-Sx953v K53sd-Sx955v K53sd-Sx958d K53sd-Sx959d K53sd-Sx961r K53sd-Sx963r K53sd-Sx964d K53sd-Sx964dm K53sd-Sx968 K53sd-Sx978v K53sd-Sx981v K53sd-Sx983d K53sd-Ts71 K53sd-V2g K53se

Additional information


Compatible Brand

Hp Compaq


Not Included


Not Included

Warranty Summary

3 Months Warranty on Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Service Type

For replacement or repair under warranty, the customer is required to send the product to our service center. Once the process is complete, the replaced product will be sent back to the customer. Please note that the customer is responsible for the return shipping costs from their location to our service center (One Side).

Warranty Covered

Warranty of the Product is Limited to Failure and Manufacturing Defects

Warranty Not Covered

Accidental, Burnt, Cut, Defects due to External Causes, Misuse and Missing Warranty Stickers or Labels, Physical Damage

Country of Origin


Special Instructions

Compare with your old Product or Part number to avoid Wrong purchase policy applicable

Product Type

Generic Compatible [Not Original]

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